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Hi, I'm Nidhi

5 years ago, I was in the midst of a mental health crisis.  My anxiety was through the roof in and out of work, I was burned out and falling behind at my job, and I was utterly devastated with the grief of losing my best friend to cancer. I went from a high achiever to a low achiever because I was burned out.

Now, I am a respected keynote speaker, consultant, and mental health expert on creating healthy, connected workplaces. Corporations and conferences come to me for advice and science-validated tools to improve trust, wellbeing, and retention.

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She’s easy to work with

Nidhi is a compassionate, fun, and flexible person.

She’ll work hard to meet your unique needs by customizing her talks, and she cares about creating impact for you and your event.

Nidhi Tewari on stage

She’s approachable

People resonate with Nidhi, and they can see and feel themselves in her stories.

She leads with passion and authenticity from the stage, and she kindles your mind and your heart to cultivate change.

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She gives you tangible tools.

Nidhi knows that learning is great but doing is better.

She will not only motivate and empower your audience, she’ll teach them skills that can be utilized immediately in all facets of life.

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Attuned: Improving Wellbeing By Creating Connected Workplace

More than ever, employees want to connect with and know their leaders. They need to feel supported within the workplace in order to achieve their highest potential, and this requires persistent relationship building.

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In addition, employees and leaders bring their past and present experiences into work. Leaders must become aware of their own responses while also navigating employee behaviors. This can be challenging unless leaders develop the skills for attuning to and responding to the needs of their teams.

In this talk, I'll

  • Explore how past events impact both the leader and the employee’s experience in the present day.
  • Address how to identify and support employees who are struggling.
  • Catalyze the creation of connected, attuned workplaces through skill development.

Balance Instead of Burnout: Tools To Improve Workplace Wellbeing

Burnout is one of the leading causes of employees leaving the workplace through the Great Resignation, yet it can be challenging issue for organizations to address. This is because burnout is complex and requires flexible solutions.

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As a mental health expert, I will teach tangible, research-based tools for coping with burnout, while shedding light on how organizations can build in systemic supports as well.

In this talk, I'll

  • Delve into the dimensions of burnout.
  • Delineate systemic and individual factors contributing to burnout.
  • Empower leaders and teams to employ interventions to eliminate burnout.

The Intersection of Diversity and Mental Health in Organizations

Well-being is often mistakenly viewed as being homogeneous across age, race, gender, and sexual orientation, but mental health needs vary based on people’s diverse experiences and identities.

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Supporting the well-being of individuals who come from diverse backgrounds requires a willingness to be a student instead of a teacher. Learning to attune to each person’s unique needs allows for more authentic connection, as well as greater success as leaders.

In this talk, I'll

  • Discuss the importance of considering diversity in addressing mental wellbeing as a leaders.
  • Provide tips for taking a learner/listener stance.
  • Teach tactical tools for connecting with and supporting diverse groups.

In Work We Trust: Creating a Culture of Trust & Wellbeing at Work

Low trust within teams at work creates workplace stress, which according to research from the Harvard Business Review, leads to an increasing of almost 50% voluntary turnover.

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Fostering psychological safety and trust is key to well-being at work, and it requires leaders to develop the skill set to connect and adapt to unique team needs.

In this talk, I'll

  • Examine the importance of trust in workplace culture.
  • Outline factors that contribute to and detract from psychological safety at work.
  • Teach strategies for establishing and repairing trust within organizations.


“AH-MAZING! This was such an excellent and important presentation, thank you so much for sharing! You had the audience HOOKED! We kept a stead 160 attendees throughout and we consider that a huge success!!!

I really enjoyed working on this project with you and I hope we can do more amazing things in the future!!!

“Nidhi is exceptionally skilled in making her audience feel held and validated while offering insight and potential next steps toward healing. She strikes the perfect balance of knowledgeable and caring; her warmth is a much-needed salve for anyone courageously embarking on a journey toward recovery.

We were honored to have Nidhi share her trauma expertise with our community of clients, clinicians, and coworkers as part of our Speaker Series, not once but twice. She is welcome to return to our virtual stage again and again.”

"We expected that Nidhi's insights would benefit our audience and objectives. But what she delivered was above and beyond - it was moving, inspiring, with insights that connected to our day-to-day, and helped us all to imagine how we could not just do better, but be better.

We will continue to partner with Nidhi!"

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