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Hi, I'm Nidhi

5 years ago, I was in the midst of a mental health crisis.  My anxiety was through the roof in and out of work, I was burned out and falling behind at my job, and I was utterly devastated with the grief of losing my best friend to cancer. I went from a high achiever to a low achiever because I was burned out.

Now, I am a respected keynote speaker, consultant, and mental health expert on creating healthy, connected workplaces. Corporations and conferences come to me for advice and science-validated tools to improve trust, wellbeing, and retention.

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Nidhi Tewari on stage

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People resonate with Nidhi, and they can see and feel themselves in her stories.

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She gives you tangible tools.

Nidhi knows that learning is great but doing is better.

She will not only motivate and empower your audience, she’ll teach them skills that can be utilized immediately in all facets of life.

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Supporting Neurodiversity, Mental Health And Disabilities At Work

Managers and leaders are on the frontline of supporting employee wellbeing in the workplace, but it can be difficult to know what types of assistance may be the most helpful for their teams. Invisible disabilities, such as neurodiversity, mental health conditions, chronic pain disorders, and physical challenges that are unseen, require a trauma and DEI-informed approach.

In this talk, Nidhi will teach attendees how to recognize the signs that an invisible disability may be impacting a team member at work, how to engage in a meaningful dialogue with employees while maintaining boundaries, and how to attune and adapt responses to meet the unique needs of each employee.

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Attendees will:

  • Learn tangible signs of how depression, anxiety, trauma, ADHD, chronic pain, and other conditions present in the workplace. For example, trauma can look like people-pleasing, challenges with focus and memory, overworking, difficulties with boundaries, avoidance, and many other behaviors.
  • Understand the concept of attunement and why this skill is vital to connecting empathetically with staff. We will develop self-awareness about how our internal experiences impact interpersonal interactions, and how we can leverage shifting our language, tone of voice, body language, and emotion regulation to connect more deeply.
  • Cultivate an understanding of how to maintain emotional boundaries while supporting employees with their disabilities. We can normalize and validate experiences without becoming someone's therapist, and it's vital to find ways to engage in self-care after emotionally taxing conversations.

Connecting Compassionately: Building Relationship With A Diverse Workforce

Managing and connecting with teams virtually can be challenging in a hybrid world. A computer screen can feel like a physical barrier to relationship building, and miscommunications can happen without all of the cues that we receive in person. The good news is that we can learn the skills to effectively build trust and connect with employees both in person and online.

Nidhi Tewari, clinical therapist, will teach attendees how to build psychological safety, deepen relationships, and maximize outcomes with employees balancing the demands of working remotely and in person.

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Attendees will:

  • Develop an understanding of the tenets of psychological safety and how to quickly build rapport and trust virtually using the 3 C’s Framework. They will learn the language to support employees as they navigate the complexities of balancing hybrid work and life.
  • Understand how to maintain and repair relationships that may have been impacted by the shift to remote work. Mistakes are bound to happen in the employee-leader relationship, but it’s the repair that matters.
  • Catalyze improved outcomes and reduce miscommunications by approaching conversations from a place of curiosity. Asking the right questions and knowing how to adapt responses is essential to connecting and supporting diverse staff.

EQ > IQ: The Three Essential Emotional Intelligence Skills

The ability to relate and connect interpersonally at work is becoming a more valued, essential skill than technical know how. An organization’s success is built on the wellbeing and satisfaction of the people working there, and high EQ is the crux of positive wellbeing and belonging.

Emotional intelligence can be cultivated by developing stronger self-awareness, understanding the experiences and biases that we bring into our interactions, and learning how to be agile in the way we approach conversations, especially difficult ones.

This talk will provide attendees with tangible skills to improve self-awareness, strengthen relationships, and employ a people-first approach in order to facilitate positive outcomes in and out of the workplace.

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Attendees will:

  • Deepen self-awareness by reflecting on past life experiences and understanding how they influence present day interactions, especially during challenging conversations.
  • Identify and employ strategies to manage internal discomfort in order to hold space and provide the intervention most needed by each employee. This includes learning grounding strategies to stay present during difficult dialogue.
  • Acquire the skills for connecting with employees, including enhancing empathy, curiosity, and compassion. Leaders will learn how to attune and adapt word choice, body language, tone of voice, and other facets of how they are showing up based on the situation.

Balance Instead Of Burnout: Tools To Improve Workplace Wellbeing

Burnout is cited as one of the leading causes for employees leaving the workforce through the Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting, yet it can be a challenging issue for organizations to address. This is because burnout is complex and requires flexible solutions that address both individual and systemic factors.

As a mental health expert and work culture consultant, this talk will teach the skills to cope with burnout, while shedding light on how organizations can shift workplace culture to promote positive mental health and wellbeing.

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Attendees will:

  • Solidify their understanding of the dimensions of burnout, and how to know if they or their teams are experiencing burnout.
  • Delineate both the systemic and individual factors contributing to burnout so that the root causes can be resolved, creating long lasting change.
  • Employ interventions to eliminate burnout, including adjusting load management, developing coping mechanisms and self-care techniques, and reconnecting to passion and purpose.


“AH-MAZING! This was such an excellent and important presentation, thank you so much for sharing! You had the audience HOOKED! We kept a stead 160 attendees throughout and we consider that a huge success!!!

I really enjoyed working on this project with you and I hope we can do more amazing things in the future!!!

“Nidhi is exceptionally skilled in making her audience feel held and validated while offering insight and potential next steps toward healing. She strikes the perfect balance of knowledgeable and caring; her warmth is a much-needed salve for anyone courageously embarking on a journey toward recovery.

We were honored to have Nidhi share her trauma expertise with our community of clients, clinicians, and coworkers as part of our Speaker Series, not once but twice. She is welcome to return to our virtual stage again and again.”

"We expected that Nidhi's insights would benefit our audience and objectives. But what she delivered was above and beyond - it was moving, inspiring, with insights that connected to our day-to-day, and helped us all to imagine how we could not just do better, but be better.

We will continue to partner with Nidhi!"

"Partnering with Nidhi to keynote the 2022 Kappa Kappa Gamma was an incredible privilege. The knowledge, expertise, and experience she brings to the podium is unmatched, but also makes her message engaging, empowering, and impactful.

For collegians, alumnae, and friends alike, Nidhi's keynote resonated in ways that people are still talking about today!"

"Nidhi's empathetic approach encourages people to be more conscious of their mental health and empowers them to take a thoughtful approach to self care.

Thank you for being part of our Godiva DEI journey, Nidhi."

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