Nidhi Tewari, LCSW
Nidhi Tewari

Hi, I'm Nidhi

Struggling to prioritize wellbeing and mental health?
Trust me, I’ve been there.

Here's my story

I went from a perfectionist to directionless.

I’d received a full scholarship to go to college, but I’d nearly lost it in my sophomore year after my mental health took a dive and I struggled to make it through classes.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was grappling with an anxiety disorder and trauma.

Both were derailing my life like a slow motion train wreck.  Therapy helped me to put words to my feelings for the first time, and my experience seeking help led me to go to graduate school to become a therapist myself.

About Nidhi Tewari

I've burned out.

The organizations I worked for early in my career expected me to work 55 hours a week while providing me with little support as I navigated client crises and perpetual stress.

I wanted to help everyone that I was working with, so I kept pushing myself to get through another day.

But every night, I was crying at home and physically ill from the overwhelm.

Eventually, I hit a brick wall and almost quit my field altogether.  I thought I’d learned my lesson the first time, but the burnout cycle continued.

About Nidhi Tewari

I’ve learned the hard way what happens when wellbeing isn’t a priority at work.

I was always the person who excitedly volunteered to spearhead a new project, teach a new intervention, or plan an upcoming work gathering. I loved being a leader and mentor on my team, and I was always a high output employee.

But all of that changed when my best friend of 10 years was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.  I struggled to keep up with work demands while caregiving, and my mental health declined rapidly.

I couldn’t get the support that I needed at work while I was grieving, and I had a difficult time functioning day to day.  Once I recovered, this experience served as the impetus for me to help organizations to become mental health informed.

About Nidhi Tewari

I’m no longer surviving. I’m thriving.

I want to help you and your organization do the same.

Our struggles throw us into survival mode, but with the right tools, you can develop the resilience needed to thrive. I gleaned lessons from my experiences, and I was able to get the help that I needed to navigate life’s difficulties in and out of work.

Now, I am on a mission to share what I learned in order to help organizations to destigmatize mental health and create a healthy culture that promotes positive wellbeing.

About Nidhi Tewari

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