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I improve performance, productivity, and profitability through my talks, which combine storytelling and science.

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About Nidhi

Nidhi brings a unique combination of personal and professional experience with mental health to her speaking.  As a licensed therapist and consultant with over a decade of experience, and as a person who has overcome her own mental health challenges, Nidhi is highly sought after by corporations, conferences, and brands for her science-validated tools, storytelling, and engaging delivery.

She was invited to speak about workplace wellbeing at the World Economic Forum, and her expertise is featured in The New York Times, Forbes, The Washington Post, TED Blog, Thrive Global, Oprah Daily, and HuffPost. Her clients have included Godiva, NPR, National Speakers Association, UC San Diego, The American Society for Quality, WellnessCoach, The Futur, Activate, and APN Lodge.

Nidhi Tewari

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“AH-MAZING! This was such an excellent and important presentation, thank you so much for sharing! You had the audience HOOKED! We kept a stead 160 attendees throughout and we consider that a huge success!!!

I really enjoyed working on this project with you and I hope we can do more amazing things in the future!!!

“Nidhi is exceptionally skilled in making her audience feel held and validated while offering insight and potential next steps toward healing. She strikes the perfect balance of knowledgeable and caring; her warmth is a much-needed salve for anyone courageously embarking on a journey toward recovery.

We were honored to have Nidhi share her trauma expertise with our community of clients, clinicians, and coworkers as part of our Speaker Series, not once but twice. She is welcome to return to our virtual stage again and again.”

"We expected that Nidhi's insights would benefit our audience and objectives. But what she delivered was above and beyond - it was moving, inspiring, with insights that connected to our day-to-day, and helped us all to imagine how we could not just do better, but be better.

We will continue to partner with Nidhi!"

"Partnering with Nidhi to keynote the 2022 Kappa Kappa Gamma was an incredible privilege. The knowledge, expertise, and experience she brings to the podium is unmatched, but also makes her message engaging, empowering, and impactful.

For collegians, alumnae, and friends alike, Nidhi's keynote resonated in ways that people are still talking about today!"

"Nidhi's empathetic approach encourages people to be more conscious of their mental health and empowers them to take a thoughtful approach to self care.

Thank you for being part of our Godiva DEI journey, Nidhi."

Book Nidhi

Hi, I’m Nidhi Tewari.  For the past few years, I’ve been booked and re-booked consistently because I am not your run-of-the-mill, boring mental health speaker.  I combine storytelling and science to create engaging, interesting talks that pique your audience's curiosity.

I’ve worked with the world’s leading organizations, and I recognize the importance of meeting your organization or event’s individual needs.  I take the time to customize and tailor my message so that you always receive the greatest value possible.

Whether your event is 5,000 HR leaders at a conference looking to learn how to improve workplace culture, or 5 Fortune 500 executives in a leadership meeting, I will inspire and encourage you to improve wellbeing, while teaching interventions that I can backup with science and research.

Nidhi Tewari on stage